Mind Frame by Jake Fried

Mind Frame from Jake Fried on Vimeo

Mind Frame by Jake Fried 2015.Hand drawn animation made with ink and white-out

In this work the artist embeds several different emotions and with each frame we see a different face or emotion he does this by repeating frames in order to transition to various textures and such. He also incorporates textures like waves, triangle shapes, dots, circles, hand gestures, and eyes etc. The animation makes me feel perplexed especially because of so many changes that happen so quickly and directly after each other. The artist is trying to communicate to us that the world wont ever be the same without a variation in our people including their personalities and in their appearance. I think this piece of work was meant to convey a message of acceptance and the beauty in our world whether it be a specific landscape image or someones appearance. At the same time I feel like this piece doesn’t  have a very organized feel to it and is just disoriented all over the place which i think that factors in to his purpose and message behind it. Overall i believe although it may not be the most conventional animation the artist definitely got my attention just within the first viewing and is why i would want to hang this in the wall in my home.

-Emily G (12-07-16) Per.4 RopArt Anima 1A



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