Hues Undercovered

I was very surprised with my results since I’m normally an expert on color hues given I used to paint in my earlier artist career and at one point created my own color wheel which took a lot of effort and expertise on colors. I had to learn how to mix certain colors to create certain hues of certain colors overall it was a worth while experience as I learned the difference between the major colors and which were more cool toned versus warm toned. The process of creating a color wheel proved to  be very challenging at first as i had no prior experience with such detailed colors, I spent several hours with my classmates who were in my class at the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts in the summer program. The actual test itself wasn’t or didn’t seem too difficult at first but proved to be challenging if you think about I went in thinking I would get a perfect score which obviously wasn’t the case. Even though I get  a perfect score i still think it was a unique experience and am glad to know which colors I don’t see as well or hues I should say.

-Emily G screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-31-22-am


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