Photography is one of the many art forms of expressing yourself, in fact art in general is how you choose to put your thoughts and perceptions into visible even tangible things. No matter how you choose to approach it let your creativity be your guide, photography is how you perceive the world and how you want others to perceive your photographs. To be honest I am a first timer with Lightroom although I don’t particularly use it often what i lose i make up in Photoshop. I have taken two photography courses in the UCI Claire Trevor of the Arts in the summer as well as this year exploring other fields such as animation at school and am planning to take the visual imagery ROP class next year as a senior. I have loved my experience with the class so far and all the technology that they use I have had the chance to use.



Although I am not particular currently enrolled in the photography class I have often used my free time to take photos anyways and use their equipment with permission of my instructor of course. I have also explored on other sites and other peoples photography as well as have explored their creative taste and have tried to adapt new ways of taking photos and editing.

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