I am currently a high school junior living in sunny side SoCal. My aspirations to become a part-time photographer started two years ago in the summer of 2014 when I attended the Claire Trevor School of the Arts summer academy for photography. It was my first time behind a camera and I immediately fell in love. Ever since I have been exploring my world with my camera. I have always loved to express myself with my lens and I can’t wait for you to join my journey. 
This is my world of imagination and animations at your disposal no they may not be very interesting(forgive me) but I still hope you enjoy my site. I come from Bogota, Colombia 🇨🇴 but raised here in the U.S. home to all my family and my tiny brain developed over there. A cliche as always living in SoCal living the dream that everyone wants but its not always easy. I am a teen living every day by the minute enjoying life as best as I possibly can. I hope I can grow my knowledge of the arts into something useful especially if I am pursing a career in this competitive field. With outside help i’m sure it will all work out in the mean time enjoy my site and i hope you can get some useful tips for whenever you need photography help or any help for that matter. Enjoy!