Colorize Animation Jam

I didn’t really enjoy hand-drawn animating as it was very time-consuming and took a lot of patience. Personally I would’ve enjoyed doing other things instead of hand-drawn animation and it wasn’t that rewarding in the end anyway. Although it did teach me the basics of animation and how it works i didn’t think it was […]

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Cyanotypes/ Scanograms

I prefer the scanogram over the cyanotype because it allows me to create an abstract image in any way possible. It’s easier to customize it on the computer and create it in any way imaginable. The normal version isn’t too exciting other than it has a bunch of shapes on it arranged in a particular way. […]

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Hues Undercovered

I was very surprised with my results since I’m normally an expert on color hues given I used to paint in my earlier artist career and at one point created my own color wheel which took a lot of effort and expertise on colors. I had to learn how to mix certain colors to create certain […]

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